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COVID-Safe Products.

With our proven, laboratory tested products, we are setting the new standard for virus and antibacterial protection.

Backed by Science

Our products have been tested at some of the best laboratories and most prestigious universities in the world.

Trusted Globally

Tactus Elite has become one of the most trusted brands worldwide for our dedication to antibacterial solutions.

Kills Viruses in Seconds

Not minutes, not hours…we guarantee our products eliminate viruses in seconds. We have the research to prove it!


The New Standard.

Tactus Elite manufactures antibacterial solutions for use in various fields. Our objective is to eliminate viruses and bacteria from contact surfaces and thus break the infection chains at the earliest possible stage.

We want to create not only efficient products, but also fast-acting products. Hours or minutes are not enough for us, viruses and bacteria must be eliminated within seconds.

A Global Need.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly made each of us to stop and pay attention to better hygiene.We have also learned to identify so-called places of danger, and many of us certainly have changed our habits as a result. One of the most popular means of protection against the coronavirus this year has been hand disinfectant and face masks.

As we have learned during the pandemic progresses, the use of these means alone does not provide full protection against the virus. Above all, effective protection of the contact surfaces is needed to support these measures.



Safe Within Seconds!

Tactus Elite is a patented multi-metal hybrid alloy we have developed. The efficacy of the product is based on the antibacterial effects of pure metals, which have been recognized already thousands of years ago.

However, these natural metals alone do not provide fast enough action against microbes. This is why we developed a hybrid alloy to make the most of the benefits of each different natural metal. This way, the efficacy of the product is achieved within seconds instead of minutes or hours!

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